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When you compare bulk SMS with other messaging platforms like WhatsApp, SMS may look long overdue and outdates but it is the most effective messaging platform

The following are reasons why SMS the most effective messaging platform

  1. SMS is universal.

Every phone is able to receive and send SMS messages

There’s no app to download or install and you don’t have to agree with your contacts which of the many messaging apps you’re going to use.

With SMS you don’t have to install or download any application and since everyone has a SMS platform you don’t have to keep notifying your customer which messaging platform to have. SMS is a universal messaging platform

  1. Bulk SMS has the highest response rate of all marketing channels.

The open rate for SMS is 98%, compared to just 12% for email.

According to Mobile Squared, 90% of text messages are read within 5 minutes.

The rate at which SMS messages are opened or viewed is high compared to emails, according to statistics 95% of SMS are read within 5 minutes

  1. Bulk SMS is low cost

SMS credits are cheap, most providers offer at a very affordable price.

When sending SMS to your targeted audience, you can send thousands of people at very low price

  1. Bulk SMS campaigns are quick to deploy

SMS is a quick and nimble marketing strategy.

When you have a list of the contacts you simply compose the message and send the messages.

Messages can also be scheduled by setting the date and time and the SMS will be sent in minutes.

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