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Plans Starting at Ksh. 1,800/ month

KVM Virtual Server

KVM VPS Hosting is a high server-level performance with lower running costs, Self-Managed Server, Real RAM Share, 24/7 Tech Support, Free Data Backup

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KVM Virtual Private Server Hosting


KVM VPS1 Offers you a flexible and affordable plans to start of your online journey with the right footing.

Ksh. 1,300 / month


Incredible performance with 2GB RAM and 400GB SSD Space host as many accounts as you can.

Ksh. 2,500 / month


KVM VPS4 is suitable for stable online businesses with high visitor traffic. The 4GB RAM guarantee maximum performance.

Ksh. 5,000 / month


A cost effective package for mid sized company and businesses with a guaranteed performance.  KVM VPS8 is a perfect choice.

Ksh. 10,000 / month


Enjoy a credible performance with a budget. KVM VPS16 gives you 320GB SSD and 16GB RAM with a traffic of 6TB.

Ksh. 18,000 / month


KVM VPS32 is a prefect choice for a corporate and a well established business. it gives you the best performance.

Ksh. 35,000 / month

KVM Virtual Server (VPS)

Our KVM Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting are designed for your need with a high level of security. Our Virtual private server are scalable therefore giving you a chance to start small and upgrade as your business and customer grows.

All our Virtual Private Server are self-managed and they offer a good RAM usage from 1GB to 16 GB depending with the package that you pick.

All our Virtual Private Serves (VPS) use SSD Storage. The SSD technology has a better performance in read/write rates therefore the VPS has an improved performance rate with less response time.

The cost of the VPS is very affordable starting from 15USD per month for a 20GB SSD, 1 GB RAM and 1TB Traffic

Why Choose Webcom Kenya for your VPS Hosting?

Efficiently redefine high-quality potentialities rather than innovative ideas. accurate infomediaries with high-payoff technology.

Our virtual Private Server are pocket friendly and you can start small and upgrade as your business grow.

This guarantee maximum performance in terms of speed and response time.

We backup your data every week. Our backup services is available free of charge.

Your Virtual Private Server (VPS) can utilize up to 100% of the servers memory.

Your Virtual Private Server (VPS) can utilize up to 100% of the CPU speed

You can upgrade any time your business grow.

Need Some Help?

Contact one of our friendly technical advisors now. Our team is available 24×7 via live chat and is ready to answer any questions.

Dedicated Server Hosting FAQs

We are regularly rated 5 stars by our customers and with over 2000 reviews on Trustpilot see for yourself why you can trust us to power your website.

A KVM VPS is a virtual private server that lives on a physical dedicated server – however the VPS operates as its own server. KVM VPS technology is typically more desirable compared to other technologies such as OpenVZ because KVM virtualization supports the ability to run custom OS, kernels, and more.

Yes, technically KVM virtualization platform supports Windows OS (or any OS, really!). Check with your provider before ordering to ensure they support/allow Windows OS to be run on their VPS platform.

Yes, the KVM platform is built to be scalable. However, this policy may vary from provider to provider, so check with your VPS provider on upgrade procedures/options before ordering.

Yes, Docker is natively supported on a KVM VPS and can be run without having to worry about loading special modules on the host.

KVM provides dedicated resources, and allows you to run the VM independently (with its own kernel, and operating system of your choice). OpenVZ is typically more cost-effective, though it comes with limitations of its own nature, such as the inability to run Docker natively and sharing the same kernel as the hypervisor/host node.