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Designing and hosting website in Kenya

The website has become an important tool in today’s business and many people wonder how they can design and host their business websites. designing and hosting a website may seem to be a hard task but it’s. I am going to guide you on steps of designing and hosting a website in Kenya

Process of designing and hosting your websitehosting website in kenya

Come up with a draft

A website draft is more of a website template. it gives you an overall of what your website will look like at the end of the design. A website CMS template ease your work since most of the design and styling work has already been implemented.

If you are not a web developer you can hire a web development company to assist you in the development process.

Create Business Content/Profile

These are the writeup about your business. it includes your business introduction, service list, Company logo, products you are offering, company vision, and mission and contact information.

Register your Domain and Hosting

Once your website is ready and designed you will require a Domain and Hosting in order to publish your website online. The domain is a unique URL that when searched on the internet will display your website content.

Your domain must be memorable and easier to remember. try to make your domain as shorter as possible.

Web hosting is the online storage where you upload your website files after design completion. ensure that the hosting that you get is capable to handle your website traffic and has enough storage to accommodate all your files.

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