Types of Hosting: shared hosting, Dedicated server hosting & cloud hosting

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Types of Hosting

Types of Hosting

Hosting basically provides the space to store the website files hence it’s the backbone of a website, it helps the website to work efficiently. Hosting server  sends data from the website so as to access the website.

Shared hosting your website is stored in the same server with other websites. This hosting plan all domains share server resources like RAM and the central processing unit. The hosting plan is much cheaper  than other hosting plans  because  its sharing resources , this makes it perfect for websites owner at the beginning stage and those who don’t require a lot of space.

  1. Virtual Private Server (VPS)

The virtual private server hosting plan are multiple, separate server. A VPS is an upgrade between shared hosting and having a dedicated hosting. Each VPS shares hardware resources but it is allocated to a dedicated slice of a computing resources

  1. Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated server hosting provides your own web server. A dedicated hosting environment allow faster performance since you are using the server resources alone.  Dedicated server is much expensive  than other hosting plans , as one uses the server alone. A dedicated server is good for a website that require more system resources or a website that require high level of security

  1. Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is essential as VPS hosting, the site is usually on a virtual machine

Instead of a physical server, the site become part of whole network of computers where it can pull the power it need.

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