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different types of top level domains


TLD – Top Level Domains are the highest level of DNS structure in the internet. There are different types of TLD’s. TLD’s refers to the last part of a domain for instance, .com is an example of a top level domain. The following are examples of predefined suffixes

.com – commercial business

.org – organizations

.gov – government agencies

.edu – educational institutions

.net – network organizations

.mil – military

Top level domains have 3 categories:

  1. CcTLD – country code Top Level Domains

Two letter domains established for geographical locations; for example; .ke signifies Kenya. usually the residents of a country can register domain names to corresponding ccTLD ,for instance in Kenya(.ke).

For .ke domain names, strict rules are still in place. For instance, registrants must be Kenyans or have registered business interests in Kenya. The registration eligibility criteria for .ke names has meant .ke is still strongly associated with Kenyan and has fostered a great deal of trust and confidence among local and even overseas online shoppers.

Some examples of ccTLD are

.ke – Kenya

.it – Italy

.us –United States

.uk –United Kingdom

  1. GTLD – generic Top Level Domain

The most common generic top level domain are .com, .biz,.net, .info and .org, as a result, any can register the domain anywhere in the world, because some of the new generic top level domain have restrictions

  1. IDN ccTLD – (internationalized country code top-level domains)

its a high level name that has special encoded format because it permits it to be displayed in non latin set of characters(special charact