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How web hosting works

What is Web Hosting

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Web hosting service provides storage and connectivity that allows publication accessibility of website services on the www.


Web hosting makes sure the server is up and running.

-Web host also prevents any security breaches and stores all files and assets and database on the server.


  • Domain name registration: Each website needs a unique domain name.
  • Speed: This is based on how fast the website loads its essential to its success because  speed affects customers experience on the website.
  • Storage: One should choose a type of hosting that can accommodate the size of the site.
  • Bandwidth: Bandwidth needs vary from site-to-site. The web hosting services should offer the band width space that meets the requirements of the website.
  • Uptime: The servers should be running as close as to 100% of the time as possible.
  • Email accounts: Different hosting packages offer varying number of email accounts per website as a result, one should look for hosting package that meets the need of the website.
  • Support: Having a reliable technical support from your web hosting service provider is also essential to effectively running a website, for instance.


  • Shared hosting: This is a type of hosting where different websites share the same server.
  • Word press hosting: Means hosting that has been optimized for word press on a server level to ensure smooth sailing.
  • VPS hosting (Virtual private server): Websites run on VPS share a physical server with other websites.
  • Dedicated hosting: The user has the entire server to him or herself.

Benefits of web hosting

  • Improved site performance: Optimum site performance is important for a business as a result, users won’t wait for long for a page to load.
  • Technical support: Technical support is provided thus it allows all technical issues to be addressed promptly, thus giving customer satisfaction.
  • Liberty in web design: Professional web hosting services do not limit their users in terms of design and templates. Meaning one can create custom website as per the branding strategy.
  • Speed and Up-Time Reliability
  • Security Backup Facilities

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