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Definition Of Website Optimization

Website optimization is the technique of using strategies and experiments so as to improve increase website traffic, website performance, increase conversions in addition grow revenue.

It helps you to gain your visitors trust, and you can sell products or services without jumping on a sales call

Strategies Of Website Optimization

  • Optimizing the Mobile Experience

It is not enough to have a website which works and look great on computers. So as to have a successful online marketplace, you have to focus on your website mobile experience.

Most of the website traffic is driven by mobile users, google searches nowadays happen on smartphones

  • Improving Page Speed

People are not patient to wait for a website to load. Few seconds delay in load time can lead to up to 50% bounce rate, the longer it takes to load a website the higher the bounce rate. A website that load fast creates a good impression to the user and satisfaction

The page speed is a direct impact to SEO hence a google ranking factor

  • Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a marketing tool that is very powerful on the internet.

It is not only a way to get traffic, people tend to trust organic search result. Google co-signs you for having quality content that is relevant to what a user is searching for

On major steps of improving SEO by making sure google correctly index all your pages.

Google search console highlights fundamental issues, the indexed pages and it also track the keyword they rank you for

  • Tailoring Website Copy to Drive Conversion

Words that are used on the website matters a lot. The design usability images and the page speed are crucial factors but the words usually control your message

Words are easy to change and they are the most powerful

  • Optimizing User Experience

An easy to use website improves the user experience, websites such as e-commerce and small businesses tend to overlook user experience and focus on SEO. A smoother experience ensures customers satisfaction

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