Types Of Website Design, What Is Content Management System

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Types of website desig

                                                                                  TYPES OF WEBSITE DESIGN


Website design refers to a web development process of creating a website design that focuses on creative factors for instance, appearance and layout after that are displayed on the internet.


  1. Static website design-

Static design is preferable when one wants the content on the web pages to remain fixed and not to change. The information on a static site remains constant and has no changes which occur regardless of the time. Static websites are designed using three main languages HTML, CSS and Java. It is easy to create as well as help in the ranking of search engines.

  1. CMS or dynamic website

A dynamic website design this is a type a web design that displays different types of content each time the user visits the site. The content changes depending on different factors such as demographic, time, language setting and location etc thus depending on various criteria the site content is updated automatically. The website is developed using Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. CMS assists in managing the website’s content as it allows one to CREATE, EDIT and PUBLISH.

  • Drupal: Has all the features of a Content Management System as it is an open source content management system. Compared to Joomla and WordPress it is not easy to use, nevertheless it has good scalability and security features.
  • Joomla: It is an open source type of content management which is easy use. It enables one to be able to develop and build engaging and professional-looking web pages, basically one does not need to have knowledge of coding.
  • WordPress- It is an example of an open source content management system, it is flexible, easy as well as reliable type of CMS as it has simple features to use, as a result, one is able to create professional looking website. It has a powerful editor thus one is able to do the editing.
  1. eCommerce website

eCommerce website design it is an online platform which allows buying and selling of goods and services, over the internet. This type of website allows dealing with all the technical parts of the website. Some of the platforms used for designing e-commerce website design are such as Opencart, Woocommerce, Zencart, Magento, OsCommerce etc.

This type of website should be unique so as to differentiate it from other website which are available on the internet. For more functionality, the website design should have ease navigation to facilitate facilitates clients to be able to browse through the store and find the products that they need. This type of website design should be simple to use, so as to improve the user experience.