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Domain Name Registration

                               DOMAIN NAME REGISTRATION


Domain registration is the reservation of a domain name on the internet for a certain period of time,as a result, this process identifies one or more IP addresses ,with an easier name  to remember. Therefore, it uses URLs to identify particular webpages.



Domain Name is a website name through which the user can access the website through the internet ,also Domain name is viewed as the internet address for a domain name.

It is  considered as a combination of letters as well as, numbers therefore, it is linked with a combination of domain name extensions such as (.com,, .org).

For a domain name to be used it must first be successfully registered.


  • Builds credibility
  • Brand awareness
  • Search Engine positioning


  • Establishment of a unique Identity.
  • Building credibility.
  • Improves Search Engine ranking as well as,visibility.
  • Create Brand Awareness.
  • Accessible from anywhere at any given time.

Features to consider when choosing a domain name

  • Select the Right Domain Name Extensions (.com, .org, .net)

According to research .com extension is the easiest to remember because, it’s the most used extension. Consider a good domain extension for your website.

  • Consider selecting a Unique Domain Name

Unique Domain Name builds credibility, brand awareness as well as ,search engine positioning.

Things to consider to create a unique name:

  • Creating new words
  • Using existing words
  • Using domain name generators

Create a Domain Name using keywords that reflect the website.

It is preferable to select a domain name in consideration to the website because, the domain name should be a reflection of the website, as a result, It should match the website therefore, using keywords is advantageous as it assists in ranking.

  • Check if the potential Domain Name is Available for registration therefore, if it is available for registration ,consider looking for a good registrar for your domain.