Types of digital marketing, role played by each medium of digital marketing

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Digital Marketing

                          TYPES OF DIGITAL MARKETING


Digital  Marketing refers to all mediums of marketing  that facilitate promotion of brands, goods and services via the internet through use of electronic media so as to reach the targeted audience

Content Marketing

The main aim of content marketing is to reach the target audience through use of important information,as a result it  transfers to brand promotion and creating awareness to the audience.  Different platforms such as social media  they  conduct sharing of content through the digital channels.

Email Marketing

It is an effective channel of digital marketing.It is a channel through which one is able to reach potential customers.

A percentage of digital marketers use other mediums of digital marketing on adding leads to their email list thus through email marketing customer acquisition funnels are created.

Social Media Marketing

The main aim of a social media marketing strategy is to create brand awareness and as well initiate social trust.

Affiliate Marketing

It is among the earliest forms of marketing, through the internet has modernized this old form of marketing. This medium of marketing, influencers get to promote products of other people whereby they get a commission whenever there is a sale or an introduction of a lead.

SMS Messaging

Organization use SMS or text messages to relay information about their promotion and offering chances to willing and potential customers.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing it is a marketing strategy  where promotion of products and services  is by use of mobile devices  with an aim to reach the internet users.

Search Engine Marketing

This strategy of marketing facilitates reaching internet users over various digital platforms by paying ad for example google. This strategy involves a number of activities for example setting up ads. It basically involves and helps in the ranking of the website  as well as brand promotion.

Video Marketing

This form of digital marketing it is an effective tool of digital marketing, as a result, it helps in brand promotion, increasing traffic on the site,as well as, mass awareness.