Definition of static website design and what it is composed of

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Static Website Design



A static website design  is preferably used by organizations  or individuals who are interested on creating , posting  as well as updating information which is simple on the website. Additionally this type of website is the  simplest and easiest to develop though it has a limitation in terms of functionalities.The designer  uses HTML, CSS  languages to develop this kind of website as well as, posting the webpages on the website.Therefore its content  remains static  for each page, and for the updating process it is manually by the developer.

A static website its  a type which is basically pre-cached and pre-generated.This type are generated with a code which is fixed, meaning ,the same information is served up to every user, every time.

Static Website are the type of website which has webpages whose content is static.

The website’s  content rarely change thus making it preferable in terms of performance and speed.


It has linking of its webpages to one another, making the website design to be:

  • Simple
  • Attractive
  • Easy navigation
  • Compatible with the browsers available

 Features of static website

  • This type of websites are not interactive to its users.
  • It has static content which does not change until the developer makes the changes on the code.
  • Mostly developed using  HTML and CSS languages.


  • This type of  design requires low or no maintenance,due to having static content and only updates when necessary.
  • Higher performance and speed as the web pages load faster.
  • No requirement of knowledge or skills on coding
  • Less time consuming when developing, creating and uploading  the webpages.
  • SEO friendly ,since search engines can easily index the static website.
  • Cost effective to develop this kind of design.
  • Quick to develop ,as it requires less time to develop and create.
  • Suitable to host
  •  Ideal for websites which are small.
  •  Simple static design, offers better protection opportunities and security.