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Domain Name Registration

One of the primary and essential steps that a company makes when looking to grow their brand online is investing in a website. The purpose of the site is to function as the central hub for your online marketing effort. The website is the face of your business on the internet. To access your website, customers need a web domain.

What is a web domain?

Just like you we have addresses for our physical buildings or stores to direct our clients, a web domain directs clients to your website. The domain is included in the URLs, giving your website its unique address. Investing in the right domain name works to enhance the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns.

Features of a good domain name

Here are some of the aspects that will enhance the effectiveness of your domain name.

1.      Keep the domain name short

The best domains have short names. Technically, you can include up to 63 characters in your domain name, excluding the domain extension. However, top sites are known for having short domains. The shorter the domain, the lesser the chances of typing errors. Keep the domain name as short as possible.

2.      The best domain names are easy to spell and remember

For your domain name to achieve its primary goal, there is a need to ensure that it is easy to spell, announce and share. You want a domain name that makes it easier for online users to find your website. It is thus vital to keep it as simple as possible. It is advisable to avoid using numbers and hyphens. To avoid confusion, it is vital to avoid generic names.

3.      Invest in the right domain extension

A big number of companies invest in .com domain extension. The .com domain extension is considered the safest option. It is also global, and ensures that customers from around the globe can easily find your website. At times, when you only offer services in Kenya, the domain is the ideal option as it enhances traffic to your site. other common domains include .org, .net and .ke. At times, companies choose to purchase more than one domain extension. However, the different domain extensions redirect the customers to the main domain.

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