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When you set an e-commerce website, it is a great opportunity to benefit from the ever-growing number of internet users in Kenya. The number of smartphone users turning to online shopping is rising steadily. The convenience of shopping at any time and from any location is also part of the reasons people are excited about shopping online.

What is an e-commerce website

An e-commerce website is a site that allows customers to purchase products or order services online. When clients place an order and make payment, the products are shipped to their location. These sites are different from normal websites. They are made of different platforms to help with the placing orders, processing them, making payments, and even tracking the orders.

Why invest in e-commerce website payment

Any successful e-commerce store requires several must-have features, and one such feature is a payment method. It is essential to invest in a seamless and efficient way to receive payments. This not only works to provide value to shoppers, but it also ensures that you receive payments for your products or services.

There are different e-commerce payment options available for your store. You have a choice to determine whether you will only have a single payment method or several methods. Most customers prefer e-commerce websites with more than one payment platform.

E-commerce website payment options in Kenya

1.      M-pesa

M-pesa is without doubt the biggest mobile-phone based payment and micro-financing platform in the country. This payment option allows from all types of cash transfers, withdraw, and even payment of goods and services. They have “Till Numbers” as well as “Paybill” which are convenient way for customers to make payments for products or services they purchase online.

2.      Credit and debit cards

There are e-commerce websites that allow clients to make payments using debit and credit cards. In most cases, customers have to connect the credit or debit card to other payment options. When they fund the e-wallets, they can utilize the funds to make payments for products or services they acquire.

3.      E-wallets

There are numerous digital gateways that one can utilize to make payments. One will need to integrate the gateway with M-Pesa, Visa, Master card, Airtel Money, among others. Some of these payment gateways include:

  • Pesapal
  • Pesalink
  • PayU
  • iPay
  • DPO
  • Jambo pPay
  • Mpesa

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