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Webcom Domain name extension

Your website is without doubt a top asset for your business or organization. The website functions as the face on any business on the internet. However, for customers to be directed to the website, they require your domain name. A domain name is the address of your website on the internet.

Domain Name Extension

This is a part of the domain that comes after the final dot. It is made up of a few letters that follow the final period in a URL. The domain extension is also referred to as top-level domain. Some examples of domain name extensions in Kenya include:

Difference between domain extensions

Different domain extensions serve different purposes. The .com extension is used globally, mostly by businesses. It indicates that the brand utilizing it is a commercial entity.

The .co.ke and the .ke domain extensions fall under the category of country code top level domains (ccTLDs). These are domains representing brands, businesses or organizations that only operate in Kenya.

Restricted domains extensions are top level domains for specific groups, organizations, or institutions. The .go.ke domain name is specifically for government organizations. The .ac.ke or .edu are top level domains for educational institutions. The .org and or.ke top level domains are usually reserved for non-profit organizations.

Choosing the right domain extension

There are more than 1500 domain name extensions to choose from when looking to register a new domain. Having so many options make the process of identifying the right one for your business hard. Here are some aspects to consider.

·         Branding

The primary purpose of a website is to create awareness about a brand and the domain points the traffic to the website. The .com, .co.ke, and .ke domain extensions are more familiar, aesthetically pleasing and trustworthy.

·         Search engine optimization

The domain extension might not have a direct impact on your SEO ranking. However, sites with trustworthy domain extensions end up getting more traffic.

·         Purpose of the website

The use of the site also determines the right domain name extensions to utilize. The .com and co.ke TLDs are usually the common with business brands. The or.ke and .org extensions are popular with non-profit organizations. When you register your domain with Webcom Kenya, we have experts to guide you on the right extension to utilize.

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