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e-commerce website

A website is considered the primary step for brands that want to establish an online presence. In most cases, a website acts as the source of information for any potential customer. Businesses display their products, services, and channels through which a potential client can contact them. The website also functions as the reference point for various online marketing campaigns run by the brand.

What is an e-commerce website

An e-commerce website is a business website that allows selling and buying of products or services online. In the case of ordinary websites, customers online find information about your products or services before reaching out to you to do business with you. With an e-commerce website, the customer finds information about the products or services they require, place an order, and even make a payment awaiting the delivery.

An e-commerce website allows you to have your shop online where you can accept orders digitally. They are also designed to help you manage logistics shipping. You can also accept payments online when you have an e-commerce website. A good e-commerce website will also allow you to communicate with customers. At Webcom Kenya, we design e-commerce websites that have a customer chat service. You can also add your social media pages or email newsletters to increase engagement with customers.

Emergence of E-commerce websites

The internet has greatly influenced our lifestyles. In modern times, customers no longer have to create time to visit a store to make purchases. They will research about products online, compare qualities and prices, and even place orders. The convenience of shopping from comfort of home or office is the reason most clients turn to the internet.

An e-commerce platform is the ideal choice for any company looking to grow sales. Investing in one allows you to run an online shop alongside your physical one. There are stores that only exist online.

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