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Website Design in Kenya, Domain Registration and Hosting

Don’t let your Business struggle on getting clients. Webcom Kenya is a company that offer services in website design in kenya and africa. We are the company that hold your hands on implementing digital strategy and marketing.

We help our client launch successful and competitive website.

A website is a combination of related and connected web pages on a domain name that is hosted online on a web server.

In today’s business, a lot of customers are searching for products and services over the internet, and therefore having a website plays a critical role in how you market and present your business.

Website Design Requirements

The client is required to provide the following

  1. Company or Business Profile – This is the writeup about the company, services offered, contact details, clients and referals, company logo and product photos.
  2. Domain Name – In order for you to design and publish a website online a domain name is required this is the URL that the visitors will connect to your website
  3. Web Hosting Package – A web hosting provide the storage for the website files. You need the hosting in order to publish the already designed website to the internet
  4. SSL Certificate

Qualities of a good website

There are several checklist to determine a good website

  1. Website speed – This is called response rate
  2. User friendly – This is the ability to locate information within the website
  3. Design – A simple and accurate design
  4. Search Engine (SEO) friendly
  5. Ability to collect visitors statistics
  6. Correct and accurate content

We are the leading company in Website Design in Kenya and domain registration services.