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Web Hosting Package Checklist

Web hosting is a vital service for any company, business or organization that has a website. You can only publish your website or even your web application on the internet when you seek web hosting services. It is thus vital to find a reliable web hosting package to ensure that your web presence is not affected.

Having an online presence in Kenya is a crucial step towards growing your brand. With a high number of Kenyans using the internet, taking your business online only works to enhance its visibility.

Web hosting checklist


Bandwidth determines how much data can be transferred at any given time. One needs to determine the number of visitors that will visit their website. The higher the number of visitors you will have, the more bandwidth you will require.


When purchasing any given web hosting package, it is also essential to learn whether it comes with flexibility. At the start, you might not require large bandwidth and storage. However, as you continue growing your brand online, increasing number of visitors might overwhelm your website. It is thus vital to find a cheap web hosting package that allows to upgrade service package.


Images and videos are crucial to any online marketing campaigns. However, they tend to take a lot of space. It is thus vital to consider the space allocated before opting to spend on a given web hosting package.


When out to find a web hosting package in Kenya, you will need to have a budget in mind. Different web hosting package come at varying prices. At Webcom Kenya we offer the most competitive prices for our web hosting packages. We are the best bet if you are out to find a reliable but cheap web hosting package.

Back up service

You do not want to lose data stored on your website at any given point. It is thus vital to find a web hosting package that has backup for your data. This ensures you escape the worry of losing crucial data.

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