website and Email Hosting Services

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We are an  IT business solutions provider committed to the provision of various information technology services such as web and email hosting, website development, domain registrations certificate(Secure Socket Layer), bulk SMS, billing system, and site lock.


website and Email Hosting Services


A web hosting service allows businesses and organizations to make their website accessible via the internet

Email hosting is a service that allows you to send, receive, and store emails on the server. The same server hosting your emails can be the same server hosting your website





Web development is basically developing a website. A website is basically collection of related webpages,

A website ensures inline presence of your business, this helps your business to accomplish different marketing strategies hence it helps your business to grow. A website needs to be stable, professional and responsive

We ensure our websites have the following features: mobile –ready, social media integration, clear navigation, modern and performance and speed


A domain name is a unique name that is used by a website, every domain name have to be registered before you use it. Two website cannot have the same domain name, but you can use subdomains to create sections of a website for instance can create a sub domain

There are variety of domain extensions such as, .org, .com, .net, .africa etc.


website and Email Hosting Services





SSL means secure socket layer. SSL certificate ensures secure internet connection and it protect your website from malware and attacks, it as well protect your client’s data. SSL build trusts for your brand


Bulk SMS allows you send a big number of SMS to your broad customers at once. With bulk SMS you can use a sender ID which enhance brand professionalism and credibility

Bulk SMS helps to schedules SMS, to sender on a later date. Bulk SMS can be used for promotion of products, to deliver notification to clients etc.


Our online billing system automates the billing process, generates and sends invoice and quotations, automates payment reminders, collect payments, and track overdue invoices.


Sitelock scans your website for malware and protects your reputation online. It helps to scan malware which spots malicious code and removes it any other vulnerability. Sitelock builds clients trust and credibility.



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