Why You Need Business Email Hosting

Why You Need Business Email Hosting


Email is the main method of business communication even as the way employees connect with their resources changes. Not only is email a great way to communicate for consumers, but business use email every day to reach new, existing and future customers. It triumphs over social by being able to deliver private, transactional messages, which result in being able to help increase customer retention and a larger profit margin.


Using Business Email Hosting service helps convey professionalism and builds brand trust. Hosted email enables users to leverage specialized IDs and branding so that the company’s name is prominently featured. This goes beyond a simple signature and can assure customers that they are working with a well-established brand.

You can have email addresses that fit your business name. For example, if you run an online flower delivery business, an email like flo@floflowerworks.com would look much more professional than floflowerworks@yahoo.com. The email domain name can also match your website. For example, if your site is mywebsite.com, then your email address would be something like yourname@mywebsite.com. Having an email address that matches your website makes your business look more professional.


We have all been there, the available space in the inbox is filling up quickly, but you have important information and files stored there. You have to decide between deleting messages, storing data elsewhere or finding another solution entirely.

Business Email Hosting help put this problem to rest with scalable resources that can be increased on demand. If you are nearing capacity, you can simply reach out to your hosted email provider (for instance Webcom Kenya) to increase the available space. It also means you can keep all those important work files.


Business Email Hosting service gives you total control of how sent emails behave. For instance, if there are regulations guiding your business such as data localization you would need to store your emails on servers in specific location. This can only be done if you host your own email.

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