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Finding a web hosting provider is always a big decision, considering that it has an impact on the success of your business. Finding a fast and reliable web hosting services will greatly improve and boost your website performance. On the other hand, choosing wrongly only ends up causing you unnecessary expenses and down times. Here are some helpful ideas to guide you when choosing a web hosting provider.

1.  Understand the needs of your website

You will never lack options when looking for web hosting providers. However, before settling for any hosting company, it is essential to learn the needs of your website. Depending on the traffic you expect on your site, you determine the best hosting package to select. For beginners, shared hosting is always the best solution. Webcom provides cheap hosting in Kenya when you select shared hosting packages. With shared hosting, you do not need to worry about back end issues such as security and maintenance of the website.

2.  Ability to upgrade your server

Web hosting packages offer different experiences and come in all shapes and sizes. If you are starting, shared hosting might be your preferred option. However, as your website grows you might need to upgrade your server. Shared hosting comes with limited resources. It is thus desirable to work with a web hosting company that allows you to upgrade.

3. Look at server reliability/ uptime scores

Web hosting determines the availability of your website online. The industry standing is 99.95% uptime and one should avoid web hosting companies offering anything below that. This will ensure that your website is available online at any given time.

4.  Check the cost

When looking for web hosting packages, there is no doubt that cost will be a major consideration. One will be eager to learn companies offering cheap hosting in Kenya. However, cheap hosting doesn’t have to translate into poor services. Always ensure you get value for your money.

5.  Security

The best performing web hosting company in Kenya provides security features to protect your data as well as your online visitors’ data. Always take a look at the hosting plans to determine the security features available. This safeguards the site from hackers.

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