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Bulk Sms

Research has proven that more than 97% phone users open an SMS almost immediately after receiving it. This means that any company with bulk sms that chooses to engage and reach out to potential customers through SMS enjoys high efficiency. When well-planned and customized, bulk SMS campaigns in Kenya brings high conversions for your business and also provides other business growth opportunities.

Using cheap and effective Bulk SMS campaigns for your brand

While there are plenty of benefits that bulk SMS campaigns offer when utilized, one advantage that stands out is the high return on investment. Leading marketing companies such as Webcom have affordable sms platforms you can utilize and grow your brand visibility.

Creating Effective Bulk SMS Campaigns in Kenya

For your bulk SMS campaigns to prove successful, there are some helpful ideas that you ought to keep in mind.

1.      Adopting automation

Investing on a bulk SMS platform makes many demanding tasks easier and offers flexibility to your business. With an SMS platform it is easier to utilize automatic scheduling. This eliminates the need to hire an extra person to send the messages, thus saving your time and money.

2.      Use a call-to-action (CTA)

Even before you send a message to your potential customers, it is essential to develop a goal. Do you want the customers to visit your website? Are you offering a coupon code? Should they respond to the message? Always ensure that you include a clear CTA in the body of the text enhance engagement between your brand and the target audience.

3.      Proper scheduling of your text messages

It is essential to determine the correct time to send messages to your target audience. You do not want to send texts when your customers are asleep. You might also not get maximum engagement when you send SMS at a time when your customers are busy with their day to day activities. Always observe and test the most suitable time to send messages to maximize engagement.

4.      Customize the text messages

Personalized messages are one of the ways to make your marketing strategy effective. The customized cheap and effective SMS offer a great way to grab the recipient’s attention. Having a custom SMS Sender ID for your brand increases brand awareness as well as the conversion rate.

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