Factor To Consider While Choosing Hosting Provider.

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what to consider when choosing hosting

Things to consider while choosing hosting

Disk Space

Disk space is the amount of hard drive space that a hosting company provide to its users. If you website is image-intensive of has audio/video files you need to make sure that you have enough space. You can monitor the disk space used and bandwidth through the cPanel

We offer different packages with different amount of disk space.


A well performing website has fast connect to the internet. This is determined by the amount of bandwidth available. Slow connections leads to web pages loading slowly hence users will find it difficulty accessing your website. Problems occur if many users are accessing the site the same time. This problem is referred to as backbone – the connection speed in servers.

We provide enough bandwidth hence fast connection to the internet.


A website should be accessible 24/7, you need to support and maintain it. If you rely on your website you can’t afford to wait to fix critical problems

We guarantee 99% reliability


Website uptime should be a guarantee, every hosting provider should guarantee website uptime. The absolute minimum a hosting provider should provide is 99%.

We guarantee 99% uptime.

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