Things to Consider While Choosing Hosting

Things to consider while choosing hosting

Disk Space

This refers to the available hard drive space a hosting company provides to users. If your site is particularly image-intensive or features audio files for download, you’ll want to make sure you have enough space available. Monitor the amount of disk space used or how much bandwidth you are using via your host’s control panel.

We offer different packages with different amount of disk space.


To perform well, your website will need a fast connection to the internet. The speed of connection will depend on the available bandwidth. If your connection is not fast enough, users will only be able to access your webpages slowly. This can cause particular problems if many users are trying to access your site at the same time. Most external hosting services refer to this as the ‘backbone’ – the speed of connection into their servers.

We provide enough bandwidth hence fast connection to the internet.


Your website should be available 24/7 – you will need to maintain and support it. The more you rely on your website, the less you can afford to wait until the following morning to fix critical problems.

We guarantee 99% reliability


When you are looking for a shared hosting plan, make sure you have certain uptime guarantees. The absolute minimum you should accept from a host is 99%.

We guarantee 99% uptime.


Factor your anticipated website traffic into your decision. It’s not easy to make projections about web traffic, but if for any reason you expect a large amount of traffic, shared hosting might not be suitable since you might be breaking their fair use policy.

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