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Establish a strong online presence through the right web design company in Kenya is significant for Kenyan businesses as technology continues to evolve. Having a professionally-designed and operational website is a key component for an effective online presence. However, one needs the best web designers in Kenya to create a website since resources and expertise is not accessible to everyone. This article will discuss tips on how to select the best web design company in Kenya for website development.

  1. Decide on the Budget for Right Web Design Company in Kenya

Setting a fixed budget for your project can be difficult because most Kenyan web designers are freelancers; hence, their prices vary. They determine their prices by examining the complexity of your project and the time they will spend on it, multiplying the figure by hourly or daily rate. However, do not fall for those with the cheapest rates without checking their professionalism. Web design cost in Kenya can be as low as KES 20,000 based on your project’s requirements.

  1. Check their Portfolio

Portfolio is the key to determine the professionalism of website design companies in Kenya. Web designers should be willing to share with you their work or send you a link of their website to check projects they have completed. Other than quality assurance, portfolio helps in setting the right web design price in Kenya for your project. Consider the requirements of your website while checking their portfolios to ensure that a specific designer will deliver quality work.

  1. Support and Maintenance

Support and maintenance is also a crucial factor to consider before assigning your project to website designers in Kenya. The company you choose should provide 24/7 support through chats, email, and calls to avoid inconveniencing your business. The web designer should also offer affordable maintenance services for your website. These maintenance services are mainly updates since a good website should not have frequent faults.

  1. Check Customer Reviews

Customer reviews give most honest ratings when it comes to web design companies. Check your potential ecommerce website developers in Kenya on google to determine their legitimacy based on previous customers’ experiences. Consider how previous clients respond to the company’s collaboration, long-term support, and whether they completed their projects on time. Indeed, this tip will get you the best website designer for your project.

  1. Website Packages and Services a Company Offers

Do not ignore website packages in Kenya, such as web hosting, domain registration, and SEO integration when looking for the right designer for your project. Inquiring about services your applicants offer will give you an image of the value for your money. Services, such as SEO integration will improve your website’s search engine ranking; therefore, it should be among key considerations.


These factors are crucial in choosing a company to help you with website design in Kenya. The designer you choose should set their budget based on the standard ecommerce website price in Kenya. You should also consider general things, such as a web designer’s communication skills and understanding of your field to ensure quality services.