Purpose of SSL Certificate

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Purpose of SSL Certificate



Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is used to secure internet connection and protect data transferred between a webserver and a browser

For an SSL connection to be active it needs two systems, a website browser and a server .

Hence it is impossible to read any data transfer, encryption algorithms scrambles the data to send , to compromise information makes it impossible to decipher

  1. SSL Encrypts Sensitive Information

The main reason for SSL certificate is to ensure encryption of  transfer of sensitive information   on the internet , hence only the recipient can access it.

To send any information on the internet it must pass  through computers in addition the destination server to get it.

Any computer between the server and you can access sensitive information such as credit card, usernames, card numbers, passwords etc. if the data is not encrypted

Implementation of SSL makes  information  inaccessible  to anyone as a result, its is unreadable a part from the server receiving the information. Encryption of  data prevents it from hacking

  1. SSL Certificate Provides Authentication

Web interactions consist of a user and a server.

The users enter sensitive information on sites or systems.

Users usually enter personal information and sensitive information this leaves systems and people vulnerable.

It is important to have authentication on sites that hosts personal data. User interactions has to be stable, secure and verifiable. There ways that a server verifies the user.

  • Basic authentication e.g. password, pins etc.
  • Form-based authentication
  • SSL authentication
  1. SSL Certificate Provides Trust and builds credibility

Web browsers displays icon to show the visitors that their connection is secure.

Users are likely to trust websites having visual cues like the lock icon or the green bar as a result, it instills trust to customers

Websites that acquire reputation for insecurity, unreliability or dishonesty don’t get any traffic because Internet trust is important

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