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What is a Website Builders and How It Works

What Is a Website Builders and How It Works

Website builder is a cpanel tool that allows you to easily create a website without any manual coding, therefore it is tool that helps you to build a website with a drag and drop editor.

It is one of the best and simplest site builder for the cpanel, one doesn’t have to learn a program or pay someone else to design the website. With website builder you only drag, drop and publish all the website content

What Is Website Builders and How It Works
There are two types of website builder, offline website builders and online website builders.

The offline website builders has a software that is downloaded and installed on the user computer. The website is designed and the files are saved on the user computer. Once the website is ready, the website files are uploaded to a web host. The user will need to purchase a hosting account

Online website builder is web based and it run on the provider service. This website builders come with the web hosting service hence one doesn’t purchase website builder since the cpanel has free website builders to choose from.

To start you login to the cpanel and select a theme that fit your need, then install the theme. From there you will edit the pages, add pictures, button and contact form. Each theme comes with it’s built in elements which you will edit to your preference. When done with editing you can publish the website to be accessible online

To learn how to launch a website using website builder click here

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