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What is an Index Page

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An index page is a file that loads when a browser opens and when browser home button is pressed. It is also referred as the front page or the main web page of a website.

You must have the index page in the public_html directory or the website will not appear in the browser correctly. When creating the index page, one should use the following name: index.html or index.php.

The file name to be displayed on the homepage of the website can be specified by editing .htaccess file. The following code is inserted in the .htaccess file: DirectoryIndex required_file_name “ ‘required_file_name’  is replaced with an existing file.

All the website files should be placed under public_html or a subdirectory of public_html so that they are visible on the internet. One of the first thing to learn as a web developer is how to save web pages documents

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