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What is hosting disk space

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What is hosting disk space?

Disk space is the space available on a server which is used for storing website content, emails, databases, documents etc. it’ s one of the feature that someone who is looking for a hosting needs to understand

When a website is hosted the content is stored in that space, when you a website is updated new content is stored, the storage of the website content is done automatically hence there’s no action that is required.

The amount of diskspace will depend with the webhosting company, the diskspace differs greatly depending on the type of hosting. For instance shared hosting, the space is usually divided among clients that occupy the same server

Videos, images and audios occupy a lot of space in a website. The amount of space accumulated by emails depend on the number of email accounts

If you are using shared webhosting and you want to add the diskspace you can upgrade to the next hosting plan.

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