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What is a sender ID?

What is a Bulk SMS sender ID?

A bulk SMS sender ID is a unique name that sends messages, for instance you get messages from some of you service providers like banks with the SMS branded their name like ‘ABZ BANK’ .You can as well have a business sender ID your customers can identify you by your unique name. The SMS will be branded your business name instead of a phone number

Requirements of Registering Bulk SMS Sender Id

Instead of sending messages using a phone number you can use your company name or your business name. When you use a sender ID to send SMS, you clients will recognize you immediately

Basically a sender ID is a name that is displayed on the top of the message, it identifies who has sent a message

How much does it cost to register a sender ID?

Bulk SMS sender ID we charge KES 6,000 per network. Safaricom sender ID we are charging KES 6,000, Airtel and Safaricom we are charging KES 12,000, all networks (Safaricom, Airtel and Telkom) we are charging KES 18,000.

If you don’t want a sender ID you will have to use our default sender ID ‘ LIQUIBILL’ , you will only be required to purchase the SMS credit

Our SMS rate per SMS is KES 0.5. The minimum SMS credit is KES 1,000 which is equivalent to 2,000 SMS units.

For more details about the bulk SMS sender ID requirements click here 

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