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Bulk SMS is used to engage and interact with prospects and customers.

People tend to respond to text messages hence bulk SMS can be used to get your company/business message cross.


  • Bulk SMS  sends alerts to customers
  • Notifies customers
  • Promote  products.
  • All messages sent through bulk SMS makes it to your customers

Here are some of the benefits of bulk SMS:

Delivers instantly:

SMS service is obviously fast thus the SMS reaches instantly to your customers without any hassle. A text message take less seconds to reach to the recipient hence there is no worry of the messages being not delivered

Offers an efficient platform:

With bulk SMS  it’s easier to send messages to a group of customers, you can as well send the message to all the clients in your list, and you can as well customize the message before sending. You can send promotional, transactional messages to your customers without any hassle

High readability:

SMS ensure high level of readability, according to statics people tend to read messages immediately they receive the message. SMS provides efficiency that any other tool cannot provide. 98% of messages sent are read.

Provides reliability:

SMS ensure high level of reliability, other messaging platforms like emails don’t provide you with the similar reliability. SMS don’t go to spam unlike emails. Or any other filter, the SMS will be received by the client without any trouble

High conversion:

The SMS conversion rate is high because they have high readability. Any offer done through SMS leads to high conversion, this ensures proper and high businesses growth rate.

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