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What is Virtual Private Server (VPS Hosting)

VPS Hosting or Virtual Private Hosting is a web hosting solution that uses virtualization technology to create isolated virtual servers within a physical server. in VPS hosting a single virtual server is divided in several virtual server where each VPS partition has it’s own dedicated resources such as storage, RAM and CPU. Every partitioning operate independently and this gives the user more control to customize the hosting environment as compared to shared hosting where the users do not have such privileges.

VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting has better performance compared to shared hosting since on shared hosting multiple users share the same resources on one server. Where Dedicated server is more advanced and has better performance compared to VPS and Shared hosting since on dedicated server the entire server is allocated to a single user.

Using a VPS is better compared to a normal shared hosting since the VPS offer a wide range of flexibility and configuration and access to features such as root access and security.

Below are 10 advantages of VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server) hosting over shared server hosting

  1. Increased Performance: VPS Hosting has increased performance compared to shared hosting since on VPS hosting the user get dedicated resources such as RAM, CPU and Storage. Therefore VPS hosting has better performance such as speed, reliability and efficiency.
  2. Scalability: VPS hosting provides easy scalability giving the user an opportunity to upgrade or downgrade the resources that is CPU, RAM and Storage based on the user needs.
  3. Performance: Since VPS hosting uses dedicated resources the performance is way much better and more consistence compared to shared hosting.
  4. More Control: Users can install and configure software’s on a VPS server. They can also change the server settings  giving them more control as compared to shared hosting where all hosting accounts on the same server share the same settings and configurations.
  5. Root Access: VPS Hosting come with with root access or administrator access. The root access allows the user to have a complete control over the server. The root access option is normally not available on a shared hosting.
  6. Dedicated IP Address: A VPS hosting come with a dedicated IP address compared to shared hosting where the IP address is shared among several accounts on the server. Having a dedicated IP
  7. Isolation: Each VPS operates in it’s own virtual virtual environment. This ensure that the activity and performance of one VPS is not affected by any other VPS. On shared hosting since all the accounts share the same resources activity of one account can affect the performance of other accounts on the shame shared server.
  8. Improved Security: The isolation feature on VPS help to improve the security where if one VPS is compromised or hacked this does not affect other VPS’s.
  9. More Reliable: Since the resources are dedicated to each VPS there is less risk of performance issues caused by other users on the same server. This leads to improved reliability and stability.
  10. Custom Server Configurations: VPS hosting allows you to configure the server to meet specific requirements. This is especially beneficial for resource-intensive applications that may not perform well in a shared environment.

Therefore for better performance of your website and systems we recommend VPS hosting as compared to shared hosting. By doing so you will not experience some of the challenges that come with shared hosting such as IP blacklist, low speed, lack of enough resources, low email reputation, hacking and less efficiency.

For maximum performance Dedicated Server is a better choice since in this case you get full resource of a single server  and therefore high performance is guaranteed.

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