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A successful website makes a successful business. The following are the key elements of a successful website:

1. Web design


The core of a successful website is the design because the website content should be well thought out for your website to perform well in addition the content should be well formatted. A well designed website is visually pleasing

We design websites that are effective and innovative. 




  1. Navigation

Navigation is basically the GPS of the website. The navigation bars are the buttons that help’s your visitor to navigate through your website as a result, the navigation bar is placed on top or the left side of the website inconclusion they are easy to use.

We make sure you use logical names and easy-to-understand names for your websites pages

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO helps in website ranking and in getting website traffic because Search Engine Optimization is connected with online marketing. SEO applies to all website especially business related websites

We build our sites that are SEO ready

  1. Mobile Compatibility

Many people nowadays are accessing internet via smartphones in addition statistics show that internet consumption via smartphones has increased.  A website that’s is compatible with mobile phone is a requirement that must be met for online success

We build websites that are mobile -ready.

  1. Web performance

Website performance is basically the website speed, the speed that the web pages load on the user’s browser. Fast load speed have shown to increase visitors’ satisfaction, loyalty and retention.

We design websites with fast load speed, we ensure the load speed is fast to present to website visitors what they are looking for.


We build successful website .To find out more about web design and how it can benefit your business, contact: +254 720 727 460, Email: ,check out our packages here