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Types of web hosting in Kenya

There are different types of web hosting in Kenya to establish a web presence for your brand, you will need the services of a web hosting company. It is impossible for your website to be accessible without the services of a web host. Website hosting is the hardware that allows your website to be accessible to internet users around the globe.

When looking for a web hosting company, you will come up across different types of web hosting plans. Determining the best hosting plans requires you to know the difference between the packages.

Types of web hosting in Kenya

1.      Shared hosting

This is the most common type of web hosting for small business. On this type of hosting, different websites share the same server. While the various websites utilize the same server and share resources, they do not share files. It is impossible to access the files of another user. Shared resources means that the hosting provider keeps the cost down. This makes shared hosting the most affordable type of hosting.

2.      Virtual private server (VPS) Hosting

Virtual private servers (VPSs) are better than shared hosting in terms of performance and customizability. A VPS involves a single physical server but it contains multiple virtually portioned sections. Each website is allocated a VPS to itself. This means that you get dedicated resources. VPS comes with a degree of isolation between different websites enhancing security and performance of the website.

3.      Cloud Hosting

With cloud hosting, a website gets to access dedicated resources on a network of computers, instead of just one server. Unlike in the case of shared hosting, you get dedicated resources for your website, and this improves the performance of the website. Scalability is one of the biggest advantages of cloud hosting. It is easier to upgrade and downgrade depending on the needs of your website.

4.      Dedicated hosting

With a dedicated server, the website obtains exclusive access to a single server, and at times, more than one server. This means you have full control over the server’s configuration. However, this type of hosting can be expensive.

5.      Reseller hosting

This is the best option when you are looking to sell web hosting services to other internet users. If you are a web designer, a digital marketing agency, or a web developer, reseller hosting is an ideal choice for you, considering that it allows you to add web hosting to services that you provide.

6.      Email hosting

There are web hosting packages that include email hosting for a business. However, there are web hosting companies that offer email hosting separately. With a domain name, you can utilize email hosting to send, maintain and manage your email accounts. Email hosting gives your business a professional outlook.

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