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Choosing the best domain name registrar is significant for small and large businesses in Kenya. Domain registrars are businesses that allow organizations and people to register their desired domain names. Selecting the most reliable domain registrar is the most difficult task because there are numerous companies for domain registration and hosting in Kenya and each provides unique features. This article does not recommend or compare registrars, but highlights what to consider when choosing the best firm.

  1. Consider Pricing When Choosing the Best Domain Name Registrar

Most registrars provide exceptional domain name registration deals but you should read the fine print before you buy a domain in Kenya. Fine prints reveal hidden information on extras, such as private registration and domain renewal, which could be unreasonably expensive. For users who buy domains in Kenya at low introductory costs, they should consider transferring the domain to a different registrar for renewal to avoid high renewal fee. Private domain registration is a privacy aspect that enables users to register domains without sharing personal details in ICANN’s WHOIS registry.

  1. The Registrar Should Offer the Desired Domain Name

The first step of domain name registration in Kenya includes knowing the name you wish to register. Ensure that the registrar provides your desired domain name. Some of them lack the access to top-level domains, such as .net, .com, .io, or, biz. The best domain registrar in Kenya should offer a user-friend domain name search tool that clients can use to confirm the existence of a specific extension they desire to include in their domain names.

  1. Domain Name’s Security

Before you register a domain in Kenya, ensure the registrar should guarantee protection against domain name hijacking. Domain name hijacking included changing a domain name’s registration information without the original owner’s permission or knowledge. Most fraudsters engage in this activity with the intention of selling the domain to a competitor or back to the victim. Therefore, you should carefully vet the company’s security process to ensure your domain name is free from hijacking.

  1. User Experience

The Kenyan domain registrar you choose should offer the best user experience. The registrar’s website should have an easy to navigate menu. For instance, activities, such as domain transfer and changing DNS records should be easy to implement. The registrar should also have the best customer support. Before buying a domain, create a support query to gauge the response time of your prospective registrar. You can use reviews to evaluate the company’s user experience.

  1. Check the Availability of Expiration Grace Period

Even though most of these companies have auto-renew services, they do not give expired domain names a grace period. Grace period is important for customers who could not renew their domains before the expiration deadline. Therefore, other than considering domain prices in Kenya, choose a registrar with a grace period to ensure you do not lose your domain. Grace period also shows that registrars are not capitalizing on expired domains.


Choosing the best domain name registrar in Kenya is a complex task that requires one to consider various factors. These factors include expiration grace period, user experience, domain name’s security, price, and the available extensions. The best registrar should provide cheap domains in Kenya and offer almost all of these features and others that have not been discussed in this article.