Difference between a subdomain and subdirectories

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subdomain and sub directory


Definition of Subdirectory

A subdirectory it is a branch which is under the main domain as a result it does organization of content on the website by use of folders. A subdirectory is similar to a subdomain.

Subdirectories are an alternative option of arranging which is helpful with consolidating various  sites onto the root domain. Another name for subdirectories is subfolders, which are important for the organization therefore subdirectories additionally requires to direct various folders at different servers

Definition of Subdomain

A subdomain is a branch of the root domain, as a result it gets a website of its own. Therefore subdomain is linked to the main domain, thus  has a different content management system.

All subdomains are under the root domain but user cannot have a subdomain within another subdomain.

Subdomains are useful if a company deals with a lot of content which can be unmanageable on single website, additionally It is beneficial if one is undertaking various large campaigns which are recurring and different pages.

Instances of when to use a subdomain

  • ecommerce Store
  • Different Regions
  • Events
  • Support


  1. Events

 It is recommendable if an organization host events, they should divide a portion of their website to be a subdomain. Additionally its recommendable to differentiate  a part of the website.

  1. Support

It is preferably suitable to have client support on subdomain. For proper connection there is need of a subdomain

  1. Blog

Most of the subdomains serve the purpose of creating bogs. Most of the users prefer to have blogs on their subdomains. As a result subdomains are important for a blog if a user is aiming to have a niche authority

  1. Different Regions

It is advantageous to have subdomains as one would have multiple websites with different languages based on the preference of their clients.