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Responsive web design is becoming a hot topic in the web design world. Any company regardless of the size and industry is working towards achieving a responsive design. Investing in quality web design enhances your company’s sales as it takes your brand closer to the target audience without spending on significant investments.

What Is a Responsive Web Design?responsive web design

Responsive web design involves optimizing the layout of your website to give internet users an optimal view of important information regardless of the device and size of the screen. It also enhances ease of reading and navigation with a minimum of panning, scrolling and resizing. Ensuring that internet users can access your website regardless of the device they are using is as essential is finding the best web hosting in Kenya.

Mobile users make up the lion’s share of internet traffic in modern times. The only way a company can take advantage of this is ensuring they invest in mobile-responsive design.

Reasons to Invest in a Responsive Web Design

There are various vital reasons why you need to spend on a responsive website design.

1.      Increasing mobile usage

From the year 2016, in the race of internet supremacy, mobile usage became the primary way of internet users accessing the world wide web, overtaking desktop. Most people use mobile phones to surf the web for essential information they need, make a purchase, or search anything from the convenience of home rather than using a computer. Without a responsive web design, you are not giving your customers a great user experience.

2.      Better UX

UX refers to “user experience” in web design industry. This involves a variety of factors. One such factor is finding a reliable web host. Working with the best website hosting in Kenya ensures that your website is accessible at any given time. A responsive website also makes the user experience better for mobile and tablet users. It ensures that the content looks great regardless of the device used, by utilizing an adaptive design.

3.      Enhanced conversion rates and site search engine optimization

The sites take less time to load when you invest in a responsive web design. Such websites are easy to use and navigate and keeps customers on your page for longer duration. This in turn leads into a high conversion rate and increased sales. A responsive website is also more visible on various search engines.

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