Definition Of Reseller Hosting, Its Attributes And Benefits

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Reseller hosting is a type of web hosting, whereby the owner of the account is able to utilize the  allocated hard drive space as well as bandwidth and use it for the purpose of hosting other websites on  behalf of the third parties.

The reseller has an opportunity of renting a dedicated server form a company offering hosting services. Additionally, the reseller can as well resell the shared hosting services.


There are benefits which come with reseller web hosting when conducted well. A reseller works directly with the hosting company for the purpose of managing the hosting accounts.

The parent hosts mostly give discounts to the resellers for the bulk purchase and in the long run they act as their salesperson. The reseller then market’s parent company’s resources as their own resources.

Usually the reseller shares the resources to the server, of the accounts which he or she is in control of. The parent company maintains and manages the account.

Most of the hosting companies offer reseller packages. Below are some of the features of  the package provided by the hosting company:

  • Account management
  • Disk space
  • Bandwidth
  • Domain hosting


The company gives the reseller the privilege of advertising their features and resources as resellers own resources. This includes tools such as email account management, control panels, and monitoring tools.

To be a reseller, one is not required to have an extensive knowledge on the technical aspects . Mostly, the operator of the data center, is in charge of maintaining infrastructure and hardware of the network.

Dedicated owner is in charge of configuring, securing, and updating the server. The reseller has the responsibility of interfacing with his or her own customer base, but when it comes to any hardware, software as well as, connectivity problems. This are forwarded to the server provider, providing the reseller plan.


If your business complements our  services, then you can become our reseller. We are the ones who manage the data centers, servers, and resources, while the reseller is the one who controls the account as well as, resell the services as their own.

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