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Domain Name Reseller in Kenya

The internet is becoming a significant source of income in Kenya and a domain name is its foundation. You should buy a domain in Kenya because it is a valuable asset for online business and personal websites. Being a domain name reseller in Kenya enables you to venture into the increasing demand for online presence and earning a living out of it. This is a guide on how to succeed as a Kenyan domain reseller, generating a steady income.

Domain Name Reselling Explanation

Understanding the domain name reselling business model before venturing into it is important. The business involves buying many domain names from the Kenyan domain registrar and selling them to individuals in need at a profit. Succeeding in this business needs you to identify valuable domain names, provide excellent customer service, and target the right audience.

Becoming a Professional Domain Name Reseller in Kenya

  1. Research and education: Before you buy domains in Kenya to resell, understand the registration process and trends in the industry. This helps in informed decision-making and improving customer service. You can enroll for a course on domain names or learn through online resources.
  2. Select a Reliable Domain Name Registrar: You need to partner with companies dealing with domain registration and hosting in Kenya to start the reselling business. These domain registrar companies should offer reseller programs that enable you to buy cheap domains in Kenya at a discount and sell them to your clients.
  3. Setting up the business: You will need to develop a legal business entity and register it with the relevant Kenyan authorities. This boosts credibility of your business and ensures your business adheres to specific policies.
  4. Design a User-friendly Website: This is more of an online business that requires you to have a user-friendly website for domain reselling activities. The website should show domain name prices and other services your business offers. Besides, it should have a secure payment method for transacting with customers.
  5. Domain name selection: Before the process of domain name registration in Kenya, select the names and extensions (.co.ke, .com, .net, .ke among others) you want to provide. Ensure your names are generic, short, and have popular keywords to increase their value and demand.
  6. Pricing Strategy: You should have reasonable and competitive domain prices in Kenya. Consider researching and comparing prices with other resellers in the market. Remember that highly demanded or premium domains can be sold at a higher cost.
  7. Marketing and Promotion: Use online and offline marketing platforms to advertise your domain reselling business. Use search engine optimization (SEO), social media, email marketing, and pay-per-click advertising to reach potential clients.
  8. Excellent Customer Service: Ensure that you provide quality customer service to increase your customer base as a domain name reseller. Ensure the domain transfer process is smooth and provide reliable support to your customers. Establishing trust with your clients will lead to loyalty in the business and attract positive referrals.


Domain name reselling is a booming business in Kenya if you are determined and have the right approach. The growth of the internet is pushing more people to register domain in Kenya, increasing the demand for these names. Follow the above steps and remain committed to the business to succeed as a domain reseller in Kenya and establish a steady revenue stream.