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How to Enable/Disable Greylisting

How to Enable/Disable Greylisting

Greylisting is a powerful email filtering technique designed to enhance security by preventing spam and phishing attempts. By temporarily rejecting emails from unknown senders, greylisting helps weed out malicious messages while allowing legitimate ones to be resent and successfully delivered. In this guide, we’ll explore the steps to enable or disable greylisting for a more secure and streamlined email experience.

Greylisting is used to reduce the incoming spam emails, this method defends the user against spams, and any email from unrecognized sender is automatically rejected.

1. Login to the cPanel, use the URL that was provided i.e., then enter the cPanel login details to access the cpanel

2. On the cpanel search for ‘greylisting’. Select on the option ‘configure greylisting

How to Enable/Disable Greylisting

3. On the new window turn on or turn off greylisting. you can turn off greylisting to accept all emails and you can turn on to reject any email from unrecognized sender

How to Enable/Disable Greylisting

Enabling or disabling greylisting on your email server can significantly impact your organization’s email security. By following these steps and best practices, you can strike the right balance between preventing spam and ensuring important communications reach their intended recipients.

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