What Is Email Hosting And Features Of Email Hosting

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Email hosting



-Email hosting is an internet  hosting service where mail messages and associated files are stored on a server as a result which service  provider rents out  servers to users.


-It keeps mails safe and secure in additional makes them accessible from anywhere there is internet connection.


  • Security; The service providers guarantee security as a result the email’s data and content should be protected and safe from potential attacks.
  • Support and Simplicity; reliable service offers  a chance to be in control of email settings.
  • Flexibility; The email hosting service should offer flexibility as well as compatibility with all devices and syncing with web and mobile apps.
  • Storage; The email hosting service should guarantee ample storage and collaboration space as a result, should be based on the size of the business and tasks for instance there is need for different levels of storage.
  • Availability and uptime; The service providers should ensure and provide 99.9% of uptime in additional  they should ensure there is support of 24/7.
  • Additional features: Bundled apps like Microsoft office online



  • Personalized domain name: This works towards building the  business  brand
  • Adequate storage space: The service  providers offer sufficient storage space.
  • Guaranteed uptime: When sign up with trustworthy service provider  they always ensure that there is a guaranteed uptime.
  • Enhanced performance: It plans ensure that the productivity of the business it is at it level best.
  • Security: Ensures  that the emails are secure above all increases security of the inbox.
  • Email synchronization across multiple devices: Through webmail, smartphone above all  favorite email client such as outlook.
  • Email authentication schemes: There are various authentication schemes such as filtering, replication and rerouting
  • Robust antivirus and spam filters: An excellent email hosting  service potentially blocks damaging email before it can enter the network.
  • Having your domain in your email address Improves brand consistency.