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Customizing an email address with your domain name in Kenya is significant in the business industry. This eliminates the struggle of manually linking your domain and email and comes with additional benefits, such as increased business productivity and excellent security. A custom email address has an individual’s name, for instance, yourname@yourbusiness.com. The custom email often looks professional and creates credibility and trust with clients. It is affordable and easy to create. Essential steps in making a custom email s getting a domain name and choosing a hosting firm. Below are the simplest steps on how to customize your email address with your domain name.

  1. Acquire a Domain and a Hosting Solution

This is the first and foremost step of setting up a custom email with your domain name in Kenya. Therefore, you need to register a business domain name. It is affordable and one can get it from various sources, starting from $1 each month. The right domain provider depends on the email hosting service you want to use.

  1. Choose a Format for your Domain Name in Kenya

It is advisable to decide how the email address should be formatted before setting up a custom email address with your domain name in Kenya. This is an essential element because selecting a format is crucial to maintaining the emails’ branding consistency as the business grows. The most famous formats that business email addresses adopt include:

Username format Example: Grace Joe
First name only grace@yourdomain.com
Last name only joe@yourdomain.com
First name, last initial gracej@yourdomain.com
First initial, last name gjoe@yourdomain.com
Full name gracejoe@gmail.com
Generic/departmental inbox name info@yourdomain.com or sales@yourdomain.com


  1. Connect to the Provider and Create Email Address

After settling on a specific format, create an email an email address within the selected hosting solution. Where your domain name in Kenya is registered determines how one connects their domain name and the email host. For instance, an individual with a domain name registered through google workspace will simply follow the remaining steps and complete the work. However, if your domain name is registered through an email or website hosting plan, such as Webcom Cloud or Bluehost, a site builder, or another service provider, you may need to follow extra steps. Numerous business email providers offer adequate information to assist you to link your email and domain accounts if there is no live support to help you.

If your domain was acquired as a web hosting plan’s part, you should navigate the web hosting provider’s information on how to create a new business email address. In most cases, the dashboard has an icon labeled “Email.” Follow the instruction to customize your email account.

  1. Link Your Account to an Email App (Optional)

It should be easy to link your email to Apple Mail, Outlook, and Gmail no matter the solution you have selected. However, the actual process of achieving this varies with each email software platform. At this point, you should send and receive to ensure that it is working. If everything works, you have successfully set up a custom email address with your domain name in Kenya!