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Domain Registration in Kenya

Domain registration in Kenya is an essential for creating an online presence for your business and organization in the digital era. In Kenya, like other nations, domain registration can seem complicated for those unfamiliar with what it involves. However, having the right guidance makes domain name registration in Kenya quick and straightforward. This article highlights important steps to register a domain in Kenya.

Choose a Reliable Registrar for Domain Registration in Kenya

When you want to register a domain in Kenya, the first step is to select a credible registrar. Domain registrars are companies that enable organizations and individuals to reserve and manage their domain names. It is important to choose a Kenyan domain registrar that is approved by the Kenya Network Information Center (KENIC). KENIC is an institution that manages and administers Kenya’s top-level domain; .ke.

Check Domain Name Availability

After selecting a registrar, the second step requires an organization or individual to check the availability of their domain name. Most Kenya registrars have search tools on their websites to enable you check the availability of your desired domain name. You should consider an alternative domain name in case the first one is already registered. In other words, one needs to buy a domain in Kenya that is unique for their brand.

Select the Right Domain Extension

Before you buy domains in Kenya, you should choose the right domain extension. There are various extensions in Kenya, each serving a different purpose. The most common ones are:

  • This extension is used by government institutions.
  • Registrars reserve this domain extension for businesses and commercial entities.
  • The extension is reserved for non-profit institutions.
  • The extension is designed for academic institutions, such as colleges and universities.
  • This one is suitable for personal blogs and websites.

Ensure that you select a domain extension that serves the objective of your site.

Register Your Desired Domain

Here, you start the process of domain registration and hosting in Kenya after confirming the availability of your preferred domain and choosing a suitable extension. You should submit your contact information to the registrar and select a registration period. Registration period range from one to ten years. During domain registration, have required paperwork based on your extension to fasten the process. This documentation is necessary for your eligibility verification. Ensure you review your registration information before making payment.

Make Payment

After submitting your contact information and necessary documentation, the next step is to pay the domain registration fee. However, this can vary depending on the domain prices in Kenya from one registrar to another. Registrars offer several payment options, including bank transfer, mobile money, credit/debit card, and payment via third-party platforms, such as PayPal. Your domain name will be registered once the processing of the payment is successful.


Domain registration in Kenya should be quick and easy once you understand this process. Get cheap domains in Kenya and follow these simple steps to establish an online presence for your business in the digital era. Get yourself a domain name because it is the cornerstone of your online business!