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.co.ke Domain Name Transfer Process to webcom kenya

Do you want to transfer your .co.ke domain from another company to webcom kenya?

Bellow is a step guide on .co.ke Domain Name Transfer Process. It is free of charge to transfer a .co.ke domain to webcom Kenya.

Step 1 – Ensure that your domain is active with your current registrar. You can do so by checking the domain whois info.

Domain Whois provide information such as who own the domain name, domain expiry date, The company or organization where the domain is registered, The DNS servers that are authoritative for the domain, which determine where the domain’s website and email services are hosted.

Once you confirm that your domain name is already registered and is viable for transfer generate the domain transfer (EPP) code from your current registrar client area. If you do nit have the client area access you can contact your current registrar to generate the EPP code for you.

NOTE: Domain EPP Transfer code are generated for free and they are not chargeable. Therefore no registrar should charge you for domain EPP transfer code.

Once you have your domain EPP transfer code go to our website www.webcomkenya.com

.co.ke Domain Name Transfer Process

Type in the domain name and the EPP transfer code as shown above.

Before you initiate the transfer process also ensure that the domain is unlocked in order to allow the transfer. A locked domain can not be transferred. You can unlock the domain from the current registrar client area and in case you do not have access to the client area request your current registrar to unlock the domain.

Note: The current registrar should not charge you for EPP transfer code or unlocking the domain. all the above should be done free of charge.

After you have ensured that your domain is eligible for transfer, you have your EPP transfer code and the domain is unlocked then you can proceed and execute the transfer.

After you type in the domain name and the transfer code click Add to Cart and proceed to complete the process.

.co.ke domain name transfer take effect immediately and the transfer is executed instantly on our side.