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How to renew your domain name before the due date

Step guide on how to renew your domain before the due date

We do send renewal invoices for domain and hosting 21 das to the due date but You do not wait until we send the invoice in order for you to pay and renew your domain name.

You can do so even months before the actual renewal date.

Note: By paying your invoice earlier does not affect your domain billing cycle the actual billing date and month at every year remain the same.

Below is a step guide on how to renew your domain

  1. Login to your client area through our website using your email and password. If you do not remember your password you can request a password reset link.
  2. After you login, Navigate to Domains->My Domains (This will list all the domains that you have with us, their status, Registration date, Next due date) You can as well manage the domain i.e., Updating the name server and Locking/Unlocking domain for transfer.
  3. On the left side of the page click “Renew”
  4. You can select the number of years you want to renew and click Add to Cart (You can renew the domain for more than one year)
  5. Verify that the domain has been added to cart on the right panel and the total amount is correct.
  6. Click View Cart
  7. Verify the details on the cart and total amount and click Checkout
  8. Select the payment method, Accept Terms and Conditions and Click Complete Order to continue to payment stage.
  9. After the payment your domain will be renewed automatically and the new expiry date will be updated accordingly.

Note: You can not go through the same process for web hosting. In case you want to renew a web hosting before the due date. Kindly contact us so that we can generate the invoice for you.


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