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Process of Registering Bulk SMS Sender ID


Instead of sending messages using a phone number you can use your company name or your business name. When you use a  bulk SMS sender ID to send SMS, you clients will recognize you immediately

Requirements of Registering Bulk SMS Sender Id

A bulk SMS sender ID must:

  • Must not exceed 11 characters
  • Must not contain space, only  an underscore.

To register a  sender ID you must provide

  • Company/business registration document
  • KRA pin

The process of registering bulk SMS  sender ID is as follows.

  • Identify the send id, it must not exceed 11 characters.
  • Provide company registration document and the KRA pin
  • Fill the authorization letter, the authorization letter must have: the company letter head, the sender ID then sign and stamp for the authorized person, the form should be scanned.
  • For the processing of the  sender ID , one has to make payment fee first.
  • Submission of the company registration document, the KRA pin and the authorization letter takes place for the purpose of the sender ID registration.
  • on approval takes up to 2- 5 working days. For the sender id to be approved you have to make sure you provide accurate information and adhere to all the requirements
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