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How Domain Registration and Web Hosting Works

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How Domain Registration and Web Hosting Works

Web hosting and domain registration are two elements of a working and running website. But there’s a difference between web hosting and domain registration.

Web hosting purpose is  to store the website files and serve the website content on the internet.

Domain registration is the process of leasing a name e.g. webcomkenya.com, the  purpose of the name is  to direct people to the  website through a browser.

In order to obtain a domain name you must register the name with a domain registrar for instance Webcom Kenya.

Registrations of Domains is active  for a minimum of 12 month (1 year) then you need to renew the domain at the end of the term (1 year). You will have the ability to manage the domain you purchased from Webcom through your Control Panel (Cpanel).

Web hosting is needed in order for a domain to be online. Without web hosting one won’t have space to store the website files and hence a website won’t have a place to reside and without hosting a website doesn’t have online presence.


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