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Domain Life Cycle

Domain Life Cycle

Domain life cycle has the following stages


When a domain is in the availability stage, As a result,  the domain is available for someone / organization to register. You can register your domain through a domain registrar. Therefore You can proceed and register your domain through our website

Active cycle:

A t this stage the domain is already registered and it’s functional. A domain can be registered at a minimum period of 1 year and a maximum period of 10 years.  During this period a domain is renewable every year. At this stage you can transfer your domain to another registrar.

Expired cycle

If  renewal of an active domain does not take place  therefore  it enters into expired stage. During this period the domain can’t work and any website under the domain isn’t accessible and the emails stops working. The website gets a replacement  with a page indicating the domain has expired. To make an expired domain active the domain owner must renew it. If Domain renewal can take place  if it hasn’t entered the redemption period. If a domain isn’t renewed by the domain owner it can be registered by a third party.

Pending deletion

In case where the renewal of the  domain does not take place  renewed during the expired and redemption phase a domain goes to pending deletion stage. A domain remain at this stage for up to five days. And the domain is back to availability phase, the domain is available for registration.

Redemption cycle

A domain enters to redemption phase if  45 days after expiry its renewal does not take place.The period It varies depending on the domain extension. At this stage a domain renewal can take place   but with application of  additional charges, this  depends with the registrar


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