Bulk SMS



Bulk SMS solution allows to communicate quickly and securely with your potential and existing customers by sending mass SMS advertising, notifications and other text messages to your target audience.

Messages vary in topic, like for instance:

  • Marketing/promotional related messages.
  • Inspirational/motivational messages.
  • New/Updates.
  • Share links to videos, websites and more.

I’m sure you have received some type of bulk SMS notification on your phone.

You just need to do a few steps before starting a successful mobile marketing campaign:

Select Bulk  application.

  • Choose numbers from your contacts database.
  • Write custom text message(s).
  • Select individual recipients (if any).
  • Schedule date and time for sending SMS.
  • Filter mobile users by different criteria (gender, age, place of residence, etc.).
  • Monitor the speed of the conversion process and follow up with a new campaign.

And that’s it! As one research found out, a staggering 98% of SMS messages are opened, making SMS messaging a very effective form of communication. This is why SMS is considered a vital sales and marketing tool.

Every phone ever made is able to send and receive SMS. There’s no app to download or install and you don’t have to agree with your contacts which of the many messaging apps you’re going to use.


Bulk SMS Sender can be useful for:

  • Companies that need to communicate with their customers worldwide.
  • Organizations wanting to send bulk messages such as event notifications, promotions or SMS alerts.
  • Individuals that want to send SMS online to be in touch with their friends all over the world.


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