Bulk SMS Marketing Strength

Bulk SMS messages can not only be used for general communication but can allow the definition of specific and personalized SMS marketing messages to be sent to your best clients. Therefore, you can organize reward campaigns that target your most loyal shoppers to strengthen their ties to you. And even encourage them to try out some new products and services that they may not have paid attention to before. Below we have prepared the benefits of SMS marketing:

The closest comparison for bulk SMS to your customers is to send them an e-mail marking campaign. Text marketing, however, has an open rate that is much higher than e-mail. Most people always receive junk email. It makes them accustomed to ignoring unknown e-mails. However, most people check their mobile phone instantly when a new message is received. It’s hard to go wrong with bulk SMS marketing. With the correct marketing strategies, the open rates are around 100 percent for each campaign. For Enquiry Contact Webcom Kenya ~ +254 720 727 460

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